5 Social Groups to Make Friends in Sydney

Hi, I’m Ace – Sydney’s social ambassador. Welcome to the home of a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, with some of the friendliest people on the planet. Whether you’re passing through or here for good, here’s some of Sydney’s best social groups to help you make friends in a heartbeat.


1 // Couchsurfing Social Meetup (Monthly)

What: Social meetup of fun travelers and locals who love travel.
Crowd: Fun, young, travelers, here to have a good time. The beers, wines and shots crowd.

When: First Friday of every month, 7:30pm onward.
Where: Pyrmont Bridge Hotel (inner-city pub)
Group size: Large
Attendance: Free
Rating: 4.5/5
Find: Join www.couchsurfing.org
Hint: Look for the ‘couchsurfing sign’ upstairs. You don’t have to be a couchsurfer to join!


2 // InterNations Social Meetup (Three times a month)

What: Social event for expats from around the world.
Crowd: Fun, 20-30+, from around the world, many settled and working in Australia already. The wine and cocktails crowd.
When: Once on Wednesday, and the second time varies. 6:30pm onward.
Where: Varies (inner-city)
Group size: Large
Attendance: $5-17, but includes a free drink and often, nibbles.
Rating: 4.5/5
Find: Join www.internations.org
Hint: Look for the large InterNations sign. Ask bar if you can’t find it.


3 // Sydney Social Meetup Group (Monthly/regularly)

What: Social meetup group for young Sydney-siders (locals with a mix of internationals)
Crowd: Cheap drinks, young people – more locals than Couchsurfing or InterNations.

When: Second Saturday of every month, plus other non-recurring gatherings.
Where: Saturday at Sidebar, other events vary (all inner-city).
Group size: Medium (varies)
Attendance: Free
Rating: 3/5
Find: Join www.meetup.com/sydneysocial
Hint: Post on the Meetup group page wall to find people. The crowd here is different to the other ‘more international’ groups.


4 // ASmallWorld Gatherings (Monthly/regularly)

What: Intimate cocktails with global professionals
Crowd: Influencial, driven professionals in their mid 20s to late 30s.

When: Once to twice a month
Where: Bars (inner-city)
Group size: Small
Attendance: Paid (network access by invitation only). To request invitation, email: info@thesocialites.net.
Rating: 4/5
Find: Details available to members of ASmallWorld


5 // Socialites Social Events (One-off events)

What: Large social gatherings with internationals and locals – from parties to picnics.
Examples: Party, Picnic, Unique Events, Exclusive Events
When: Varies
Where: Parks, beaches, warehouses, rooftops etc.
Crowd: Fun, young, outgoing, and easygoing.
Group size: Very large
Attendance: Free
Rating: 4.75/5
Find: Subscribe to the calendar (https://www.facebook.com/clubsocialites/events)
Hint: The best way to find these is to request a membership here.

Now, go out there and get social in Sydney! See you at one of our social events soon.

– Ace Mamun
Sydney’s social ambassador. Founder/CEO of The Socialites global social network.



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Feel free to connect with or add me: www.acemamun.com
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